SpeechLive - What's New?!

Aug 16, 2022
Rename custom columns

You can now rename the custom columns in the settings. Changing the name of the columns helps users to find the desired information in the respective custom fields faster and further customize it to their own needs.


The changes are also visible in the dictation properties, to help users enter the correct data and stay consistent when entering data.

Improvements when deleting users

We improved the user deletion process: When deleting the last transcriptionist of an account it is now possible to choose an author to take over dictations still assigned to the transcriptionist.

2022, July 13
Rearrangeable columns

You can now manually rearrange the columns in the dictation list. This helps authors and transcriptionists to keep a better overview of their dictations and quickly access the columns they need the most (e.g. dictation title, due date etc.).

2022, July 6
SpeechLive Desktop App Download Link

We improved the automatic upload screen and added the option to download the SpeechLive Desktop App. With only one click the users can download the latest version of the app, enabling them to automatically upload dictations to SpeechLive (the How to upload dictations with the SpeechLive Desktop App section covers this in more details).